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WHITLEY + ALEX {Arkansas Engagement - Russellville, AR}

We met this amazing couple in the most perfect way possible - documenting their proposal!!! This proposal was the most thought about, selfless and overall unexpected proposal we've ever shot! Let me just tell you about it real quick!!! Okay, so let's set the scene. It was Whitley's older sister, Hatley's, wedding day. (A gooooorgeous wedding that we were so lucky to get to shoot!!!! One of our favorites, to date!) Whitley was, of course, a bridesmaid with no idea of what was happening behind the scenes all. day. long. When we showed up to shoot the wedding, Hatley told us the big news... "Alex is going to propose to Whitley during my reception and this is how it's going to happen..." We were honestly sooooo excited and couldn't wait for this huge moment! That's so awesome that Hatley was willing to give up some of the spotlight on her big day to let Whitley have her special moment!!!

So, we are in the reception waiting on the big proposal! Hatley tosses her bouquet to all the single ladies **insert Beyonce dance moves - NOW PUT YAH HANDS UP!**. It just so "happens" that Whitley catches the tossing bouquet and Alex appears...literally out of no where... down on one knee. I think everyone, even though we all knew it was coming, was just as shocked as Whitley was!!!! She cried, her girlfriends screamed, Kat and I were hollering' "YAAAAAAAAAS UH!!!!" and Hatley was the most selfless and giving bride on her wedding day. SO PERFECT, RIGHT!? I'm going to have to post a couple of those proposal pictures at the end of this blog!!!! I just have to!!! Whitley + Alex are soooo perfect together and we are so excited to be documenting their amazing wedding journey! They are planning a gorgeous Fall wedding at a very special place to me! There's a few places that are my 'dream venues' and their wedding is at one of them!!!! I cannoooooot wait for their big day!!!! Show these two some love!!!! CONGRATS W+A!!!

Whitley has been on the most incredible weight loss journey! You may not even recognize her below! She has worked so hard and looks so incredible! She was absolutely gorgeous then and is absolutely gorgeous now!

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