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LAUREN + JOEY {Arkansas Wedding}

We love love loooove our out of state brides! Lauren + Joey live in Columbia, MO and wedding planning isn't always the easiest when your wedding is in another state, I'm sure, but these two pulled it off like champs. We were so extremely honored to work with sweet Lauren + Joey and they're literally the most kind couple on planet Earth. I first met Lauren in school. Lauren's mom was one of my teachers and Lauren was always one of those kids in school that's everyones friend. You know the suuuuper sweet people who just attract friends from every direction - that is Lauren. She definitely found the perfect match when she found Joey, or maybe he found her? Either way, what these two have in each other is perfection. We had such a great time on their wedding day! Due to a little sketchy weather, their ceremony location changed last minute from Lauren's parents lawn to a local church. As far as we are concerned, it was beautiful, stunning and everything dreamy! Everything happens for a reason and we just go with the flow and it usually turn out for the better!!! Okay, okay. Enough of the rambling. Let's get to these gorgeous pictures!!!! CONGRATS L+J!!!

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