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Cusp of Spring {Styled Shoot}

You've been waiting for this post, and we have too! First of all, welcome to our new website! There is a TON of information on here for you to better familiarize yourself with us and the work we do! We are so glad you're here! I can't take any more time away from getting to this styled shoot. We have been working hard to make it all things springy, fabulous and perfect! We had some incredible collaborations that helped us pull this shoot off! Styled shoots are a lot of hard work, a lot of planning and even more long hours of preperation time. With a simple theme in mind, we wanted to really focus on our model, the florals and what Spring really is about; COLOR! We hardly ever get to 'show off' what we can do, besides photography. Floral and set design will always be a passion of mine. Since working at Shingleur Photography full-time, my hands rarely touch flowers. The new 'artisanal garden' and 'messy' look that brides are loving is a floral designer's dream come true. The European trend on a mondern traditional bridal bouquet has taken Arkansas by storm! You will see in the pictures below how the natural garnden trend really sets things apart! When we think about the cusp of Spring, we think about new beginnings. There's new growth, fresh ideas, and new life! Daffodils are always a "wake up" of color that brightens each morning and competes with the forsythia's astonishing yellow beauty. The Japaneese Cherry Trees and the Bradford pears are so laden with blossoms I wonder how they all found room on the branches. When we think about the cusp of Spring, we think color. We think barefoot, picnics and love. Love, of course, because that's what we love most. Model: Lakyn Phillips, Brink Model Management Dresses: Danielle's Bridal, Clarksville AR

Flowers: Cathy's Flowers, Russellville AR

Floral Design: Lance Shingleur, Shingleur Photography Set Design: Lance and Kathryn Shingleur, Shingleur Photography

Furry Model: Kevin the Rabbit, provided by Jordan Webb

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