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JORDAN + BRANDON {Russellville First Assembly of God || Arkansas Wedding}

I literally have so much to say about these two, their wedding journey and their life now as a married couple. When you know someone as well as Kathryn and I know Brandon + Jordan, it actually becomes more difficult to write about how special their wedding experience was because we know every. single. detail. ...and wouldn't have it any other way, of course! Jordan + Brandon were High School sweethearts who decided to 'just be friends' but knew (I think) deep down that they were the one for each other and only time could tell. When we met these two they were best friends - did anything and everything together. If you wanted to hang out with Jordan, you can bet that Brandon would be there too. Vice versa. They've always been a package deal, and that's the way everyone prefers them - together. They're boring without each other. Not really. Okay, maybe so. Nope. They're still fun without each other, but they're better together. We got to be there when Brandon proposed, we were so honored to shoot their engagement pictures and bridal portraits and it was the biggest and best honor to stand beside them on their wedding day! I knew it wouldn't be an easy task being the photographer, florist, planner, best man, etc. etc. etc. on their big day, but I would do it all over again! **Jordan + Brandon thought it best to hire another photographer for the bridal party and ceremony pictures. You will see a few images without my watermark. Thank you Nathan and Claudia for all your hard work for Jordan + Brandon** So now that they're married, they're already taking over the world! Jordan is an elementary music teacher, Brandon is a middle and high school music teacher and they teach at the SAME school district. He Sorrells and She Sorrells. ...or the more common Mr. Sorrells and Mrs. Sorrells ...whatever. These two are the most amazing team in marriage, life, their workforce and everything they put their hands to! They are so blessed! We are so blessed to have such amazing friends in Jordan + Brandon and we are still so extremely happy for them - and always will be! We can't imagine our life without them and we are so excited to share the most beautiful day of their lives with you!!!! Show these two some love!!! CONGRATS J+B!

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