Choosing a location is sometimes one of the more challenging parts of planning a photoshoot. Just like your outfits, it's a "make or break" decision.


 It's important to think about choosing a setting that fits your aesthetic and personality, that way you will feel totally comfortable during your shoot! Sometimes we even suggest to think about the decor and feeling in your home to help you choose the setting for your shoot! 

Whew! Kinda complicated, huh?
Well, to help uncomplicate the issue, we decided to come up with a page to help our clients visually choose their local locations based on their type of session and "feeling" they want from their session. 


Disclaimer: We have been doing this a lonnnng time, haha, and we have shot in some VERY random places, so basically we can make anything work if we have to,. ANNND we love love love shooting in new places, so don't be afraid to suggest your own ideas that aren't on these pages too!!