Lance & Kathryn Shingleur: Our Story 

Our photography story begins a little differently than most photographers. Ours began with something everyone has or either wishes they had. Ours began with love


We first met each other at church when we were around 10 years old and instantly became best buds. During summer camp the following year, our friendship started to bud into something a little deeper. We became "boyfriend and girlfriend" at the end of the week and stayed close for about 6 months. A few broken roads later, we found ourselves back together as 16 year olds in high school.  Sure we had our ups and downs but we knew that love could get us anywhere. 




We have always loved anything to do with the arts. We loved singing and playing instruments. Drawing and painting were always so much fun. Then came the camera, and we fell in love. We took our hobby very seriously between each other, and outsiders always commented on how they enjoyed it. Then in 2012 we started having requests to take photos for MONEY, and I have to say we were in love with that idea! The first photoshoot that we were ever paid to do was an engagement shoot. We instantly fell in love with the concept of capturing love. Our first full year we booked around 15 weddings. It almost started taking off faster than we could hold on, but it was such a fun ride. Right in the middle of all the craziness we promised our love for each other and were married on March 16, 2013. May 19, 2016 had a whole new kind of love ready for us to experience when we welcomed our beautiful baby boy, Quinn Lincoln, into the world. He was followed by his little brother, Quade Lennox on May 4, 2020! That type of love is one that will never be surpassed by anything. 


As you can see, we are passionate about any kind of love. We are especially passionate about capturing the love between a bride and her groom on the most important day of their lives, the way new parents look at their fresh new babe, and the love is that is shown in a family of any size, age or race.    


Our lives are so blessed to be surrounded by such love, and we are SO priviledged to get to document it every single day. 


1 Corinthians 13:13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.