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JORDAN + BRANDON {Arkansas Engagement - Brayberry Farms}

I'm trying to figure out how to write this blog without getting too sappy. Or too sentimental. Or too emotional. I'm trying to figure out how to write this blog in a way that encompasses who Jordan + Brandon are as not only people who are madly in love, but as people who stepped into mine and Kathryn lives at just the right time... at a time when we needed them the most. I'm trying to figure out how to write this blog with it being more about Jordan + Brandon and less about how amazing they are as friends to Kathryn and I. Let's see if I can do this. So. Jordan + Brandon. What a story! Here it is from Jordan's perspective:

Brandon and I met at Benton High School. We were in choir together. He is a year older than me, but that didn't stop me from talking to him. I could tell he was quite shy, but he seemed so sweet. When we finally started becoming friends no one could not get us to stop talking. I can't tell you why I had the urge to step out and talk to him. He's not someone I would normally approach (being that he was older and I barely knew him) and I'm not really that type of person to just start talking to someone. I've always said 'it's a God thing' with us even becoming friends. By my senior year we were inseparable. He was going to Arkansas Tech and I was in Benton. We wrote letters back and forth, messaged each other on Facebook every night, and talked on the phone. Occasionally, I would drive up there so we could hang out with our friends in Russellville! And the rest of the story is crazy, long, and we could not have made it to this point without tons of prayer and patience, the most beautiful bond and lots of laughter. I thank God everyday for bringing us together. I couldn't have picked out someone more perfect for me than Brandon.

-Jordan So basically in a nutshell, they fell in love before they even know it was happening and it turned into this beautiful relationship that was intended from the beginning of time! **CUE TEARS** We were by their side when Brandon proposed to jordan... actually hiding behind a tree and some bushes taking pictures and we will be standing beside them on their big day! We are so excited to be the photographers AND the best man/matron of honor! Its going to be one wild day! I think I've decided to save all the sappy, emotional, sentimental and all other heartfelt adjectives for the wedding day blog. I'm just so ready to share this gorgeous session with you guys!!!! Help us show them some love!!!! CONGRATS J+B!!!!

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