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CARLEE + JACKSON {Engagement Session || Mt. Nebo, Dardanelle AR}

We met Carlee + Jackson in the most random way possible. We meet most of our brides and grooms though a nice consultation meeting in the studio, over coffee or some other fun way. Carlee + Jackson... it was a Birthing Class at St. Mary's Regional Hospital. Yep. A birth class. How much more perfect can this get, right? I feel like I should just end the blog here. I mean, why not? Carlee and my wife Kathryn were both pregnant at the same time and due to deliver around the same date, give or take a few days. We saw Carlee at monthly check-ups with our Doctor sitting across the waiting room. We were always cordial and gave that "how are you" grin when we passed each other. She was so sweet even when we didn't know her... and that's just how these two are. Genuinely sweet. Fast forward a few months and we find ourselves sitting in a room full of pregnant women and their significant others leaning about how to birth a baby! We went around the room, introduced ourselves and told a little bit about who we are. Carlee + Jackson were the only people in that class who I thought I could really be friends with. As fate would have it, Carlee and my wife delivered within a few days of each other and Carlee + Jackson booked us to shoot their wedding. Maybe their son and our son will be besties for the resties. Who knows?! I had such an amazing time with these two on top of Mt. Nebo a few weeks ago. Their wedding will also be on Nebo in just a few short weeks and we are soooo excited to spend the day with them! If i was a guesser, I would guess that they have booked the cutest little ring bearer we've ever seen!!!!!! CANT. WAIT. Enough chit chat... let's swoon over these gorgeous pictures of these two love birds!!!!! CONGRATS C+J!!!!!!!!!

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