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|| LAKYN + CHRIS || {Arkansas Engagement}

I've literally sat here staring at this blank writing page trying to figure out where in the world I should start for probably 10 minutes. There's so many options. Do I start with the first time I messaged Lakyn to see if she'd model for us several years ago? Do I start with meeting Lakyn + Chris as a couple for the first time? Do I use this blog to only talk about their dog, Penny? (...because really I could) Let's do this. Let's just take it all the way back to day one. Day one was when Lakyn modeled for a styled shoot we did. We threw her in a few wedding gowns, adorned her in florals and jewelry and had a ton of fun with her. It was one of those things where you just instantly become friends. Her Kathryn and I totally hit it off that day and Lakyn walked away form the shoot and said, "OK YALL! When I get married one day, you guys are the photographers!!!!" and by-golly did she mean it! Here we are!!!!! I feel like for Lakyn, she looked for so much more than just a really great photographer that produces really amazing pictures. Of course, really amazing pictures is super important too but she's the type that she wants to hire personality, someone she already has a great relationship with, willingness to understand what she wants and readiness to do the spontaneous (like shoot in a creek in the middle of winter, right Lakyn?) was some of her priorities in looking for a photog. Those same characteristics she searched for in us, she also found in her fiancé Chris. These two are the sweetest, most understanding and the most absolutely beautiful couple (inside and out) and the relationship they've created with each other is one people should admire! I met Chris for the first time at their engagement session and instantly knew that he was the balance Lakyn needs! These two are so absolutely in love and we are sooooo honored to be documenting the beginning of one amazing love story!!!! I will stop the random chit-chatting because you have to see these images. Brace yourself. **We won't talk about how Lakyn blew hot candle wax all over her long gorgeous red dress and how we had to end the shoot early because she stepped into a bed of seed ticks. Those two details of this session should be left unmentioned and I will not draw attention to the fact that this could have been the worst day of Lakyn life. We will change the subject. There's no need to keep talking about them. They're unmentionables and should be kept that way. Right, Lakyn and Chris? The curse of the candle wax. The curse of the seed ticks. I digress.** SHOW THESE TWO SOME LOOOOVE!!!!!! CONGRATS L+C!

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