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Lifestyle Photography

Something that has always been a constant in our lives is our family. That's one of the reasons why we chose to expand our brand in 2018 to include a larger focus on Lifestyle Photography. Kathryn has taken the lead with this area of our business, and has been doing so full time since May of 2018. 


Our lifestyle brand focuses on capturing those ever so fleeting moments of childhood and parenthood. Time truly does fly by when you're having fun! Sadly, so much that we do see documented in today's world is fake, or computer generated. Our goal is to show how each family that comes in front of our camera is unique and genuine. To some, life might seem better in a photoshop world, but we don't agree. We want everyone to see moments with families that are real and raw, and that's exactly what we've set out to do with this extension of Shingleur Photography.


 We love the perfectly imperfect. 

We currently offer collections for 



-milestone sessions 

-First Year Packages 

Click our contact tab to find more info about these sessions! 

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