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Shelby + Derek {Arkansas Wedding - Wagon Wheel Acres}

"I know this is most likely a crazy question, but are you available to shoot a wedding November 19th? As in 89 days...." This was the very fist email I ever received from Shelby and I knew right away she was our kind of bride! Everything just fell into place for her... she got us, the best local florist, one of the top venues and everything else she could have ever dreamed for ALL WITHIN EIGHTY-NINE DAYS. I honestly still can't believe that. So, when you plan a wedding in 89 days, things obviously move pretty quickly! After booking, we immediately jumped into Shelby + Derek's engagement session and before we knew it, it was wedding week! When you're as in love as these two are, why wait?! We are totally on board with swift wedding planning and would do this with Shelby + Derek one thousand times over again. We love these two so much!!!! With gorgeous wedding colors, Wagon Wheel Acres has never looked more beautiful. Shelby accented her wedding day with the most gorgeous pallet of navy, blush, butterscotch, grays and gorgeous greenery to make the most dreamy Fall wedding you ever did see. Of course, the focal point of her big day was, in fact, her and her dress. Oh, and that nice little accessory we like to call a Groom! Shelby wore the most dainty and delicate white lace gown that had the southern flare we always dream of but the chic-ness of the modern bride that we knew Shelby would be. And let's pause everything and stare at the headpiece Shelby wore. It was a 2016 favorite, for sure! We could talk and talk and talk about how perfect this day was, but no words will ever do it justice like the pictures can! So, kick those feet up and get your swoon on with us as we relive Shelby + Derek's wedding! ( about a reminder of how gorgeous Fall weddings are!!!! **heart eyes**)

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