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Aaryn | Bridals {The Farm at Chalybeate Springs, Danville AR}

From the time we met Aaryn until the time of her wedding day, it was a complete whirlwind of photoshoots! Aaryn's mom contacted us during Aaryn's senior year of high school to book several sessions throughout Aaryn's last year of high school to really document her life as a Senior! We loved the idea and ended up booking four separate sessions! We learned very quickly that Aaryn can get down and dirty on the farm but she can glam up and get the glitz with the best of them, too! We had no idea that Aaryn's boyfriend would soon be popping the big question to add even more photoshoots to the equation! Today we are sharing Aaryn's bridal session with you. We met Aaryn at her perfect little wedding venue. The Farm at Chalybeate Springs is located, well... pretty much in the middle of no-mans land! It's a secluded private property nestled at the base of gorgeous mountain ranges that let the nice summer breeze swoop to The Barn's valley. This venue was 'so' Aaryn. Everything about it screamed southern sophistication with rustic and grungy accents that really set it apart! It was a great spot for her bridals and an even more perfect spot for her wedding day - which was totally flawless, by the way! We had such a wonderful time with Aaryn and Rowdy on their big day and will be blogging their wedding at the end of this week, so keep on the look-out! It was a gorgeous gorgeous wedding! It was HOT - but it was gorgeous!!! Well, enough chit-chat! Let's get to these gorgeous images of sweet Aaryn!


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