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Aaron + Rowdy {Arkansas Engagement}

We have a very special couple to share with you today! I love it when theres a 'back' story with our clients! We really pursue a relationship with our brides and grooms because who really wants a stranger photographing your wedding day, right? So, we first met Aaryn at the Yell Co. Fair in the big town of Danville, AR! This wasn't necessarily the place where we would go to meet perspective brides, but we were shooting her first round of Senior Pictures and had no idea that within just a few months she would be engaged to her, now, finance' Rowdy! I met Rowdy at the fair grounds too, but it was more like a "Hi, how are yah?" and we kept shooting with Aaryn.

Aaron's family has lots and LOTS of property, so we met up with her for her second round of Senior Pictures (she had 4 separate shoots planned) on a gorgeous piece of land and at the end of the shoot, Aaryn asked me to take a picture of her promise ring. So, I knew this was serious! A few months later, he popped the questions and Aaryn said YES! Wedding planning is in full swing for these two and I was so excited to meet up for their engagement session! I drove to Belleville, AR and met these two at the local Post Office. From there, I followed them and we drove out to a different piece of land , which was even twice as gorgeous as the previous mentioned property! If I'm correct, Aaryns Great Great Great GREAT Grandmaw (yes... 4 greats!) build a house on this property long ago and Aaryn wanted to shoot around this old home. Im a sucker for sentimental value in photographs! It honestly couldn't have been more perfect. When we arrived, I parked my car and hopped in the back of Rowdy's truck and off we went... I sat on a spare tire and we went over the hills, though the pastures, down the hills (...rather steep hills, I might add), through a creek and we finally arrived at this glorious location. It really was worth the bumpy ride in the back of Rowdy's truck! This location was PERFECT. These two are getting married at The Farm at Chalybeate Springs this June and I know is going to be so stinking' cute! These two really couldn't be more perfect for each other and we are so honored to be documenting this exciting time for them. Congrats A+R!

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