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Andrea + Ben {Arkansas Wedding}

We first met Andrea and Ben at their engagement session. We knew Ben's sister and she instantly became a very dear friend and it was the same with these two gorgeous people. Upon meeting Andrea and Ben, I knew that this couple was just perfect for each other. There's a little sparkle in Andrea's eye that, when she looks at Ben, is almost blinding. That's how I knew it was real. These two decided to get married in the back yard of The Ball Home. Their property is at the tip top of gorgeous mountain, and it's such a perfectly gorgeous home. You'll see. Upon their decision to be married in the back yard, lots of changes began to happen. No wedding is complete without a center isle, so they began to clear out the woods and then nestled the most perfect flagstone path bedded right in the middle of, what is now, a gorgeous green lawn. With the shade from the nearby trees, they really turned this backyard into the most perfect wedding venue for two people who are so incredibly in love. Adorned with the most beautiful hints of blush, touches of gray and the ever popular and classic ivory, this was one wedding that was done right! The details were endless. The florals were generous. The guests were astounded and overall, the whole day was sheer bliss... Wedded bliss, of course! We were so honored and excited to be working with such beautiful people to document their perfect day. We know Andrea + Ben have such an incredible future ahead of them and we are so thrilled to be a small part of the very beginning of something great and so favored. If we ever had a #shingleurbride and groom who were so sweet and so willing, these two were it. They have such pure souls and they are going to go far together. There's no doubt about it. CONGRATS A+B!

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