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Meet Our New Shooter {The Perfect Match}

As many of you know, we have been on the search to find a third shooter to add to our team. When we found out that Kathryn was pregnant, the search for the perfect match was in full swing. We blew up Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and had applicants pouring in day and night! It really was a blessing to see how many (even some that were very experienced) photographers wanted to work with us! We even had out-of-state inquiries! With 59 total applicants, we narrowed it down to one. Meet Laura.

She's spunky, creative and genuine. She has a loud and contageous laugh. She has a very keen eye for detail and gets inspiration from the most random things. She's the perfect match. She is a lover of poeple and has the biggest heart. She is married to my one and only brother and together they have that sweet little Lindley girl that you see on our Facebook page. She's an RN and practices at Central Arkansas Surgical Center here in Russellville. She's not afraid of a challenge and willing to go every extra mile. She has grown to love photogrpahy and to love our brides. Like I said, she is the perfect match. As you read above, Laura is my sister-in-law. Before you jump to conclusions and say, "Oh, they just hired her becasue she's family...", let me explain! We needed someone with an extremely flexible schedule and willing to work long wedding days. We needed someone who matched our personalities. We needed someone who complimented our style and can 'read me' just by the wild eyed looks I give. We needed someone who could learn fast and stay on top of everything. Laura does all these things. We were actually floored when she said she was interested in working with us. She TOTALLY caught us off guard. Some of the best things in like happen unplanned! We looked at every single application and every single portfolio. We researched. We narrowed it down. We didn't take this lightly. It's not necessairly an easy job replacing Kathryn while she's on maternity leave, but Laura does it with 150% effort and excellence. I will say that it's been a really smooth and blessed ride. So. We hired family. That's that. We couldn't be happier with our decision. With her sharing the last name, it really puts more fire into making this empire stronger. Laura has been working with us since Fall/Winter 2015 and has gone to most every wedding since and attended photoshoots along with us, too! She has very quickly picked up on our style and craft. Really, in all honesty, she has far exceeded our expectations. We are extrememly excited for this transition and we are already seeing the benifits from it! So, show some love to our third shooter, Laura! Welcome to the team, sis!

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