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The Central Arkansas Wedding Vendor Dream Team

If we could design a DREAM wedding right here in Central Arkansas it would of course be absolutely gorgeous. We've been to hundreds of weddings since we began our photography journey and because we work behind the scenes so much we have gotten to know several awesome wedding vendors. We've also gotten to know some not so awesome wedding vendors, but why would we talk about them?

If we could design a DREAM wedding for someone right here in Central Arkansas here's a look at who we would use to do it:

1. The Rings:

Okay, what's the first thing you think of when you hear of an engagement? The rings of course! Finding the perfect jeweler is almost as important as the rings themselves!

Our TOP jewelry one-stop-shop that creates a unique experience for every bride and groom.

2. The Venue:

There are many awesome venue options in the Pope County and Central Arkansas area, and it all depends on what you're looking for. Here are a few of our favorites:

For the DIY rustic bride:

The view just doesn't get much better than that!

For the "I need all the help I can get bride":

They have proved time and time again that you don't have to be a cowgirl to get married in a barn. They are an all inclusive venue.

For the classic, elegant bride:

The ceremony and reception venues are endless here and the catering is the BEST in the Valley!

For the traditional bride:

The elegant windows and the beautiful stone work give it that "center-of-the-aisle" romantic feel.

For the modern bride:

A very "chic and seemless" way to spend the most important day of your lives.

3. The Dress

Finding the perfect gown is what every little girl dreams of, and your experience at the salon should be everything you've hoped for!

They have an endless selection of the newest styles that come along with great prices!

Great customer service with the sweetest people in the business!

4. The Flowers and Much More:

Some new brides might not realize that your florist should provide MUCH more than just flowers at your wedding. They know where to get tables, and linens, and containers and cake plates and much, much more!

Event planning with the ability to make any bride's dreams come true!

The new "romantic,natural" look of weddings flowers created with a trademark "Zimmerman" flare.

5. The DJ

A fun reception begins and ends with the perfect DJ. Unfortunately, there are many who just make the reception feel much more awkward than it should...but THANKFULLY there are the awesome ones who save the day!

Any of these guys or gals know their stuff but our favorite DJ for the perfect reception is Bear Klenda.

6. The Food:

Since we have attended over 100 weddings in our years as wedding photogs that means we've eaten at about 100 weddings! Here are a few of our favorite caterers in the area:

Susie Moorehouse from Russellville, Arkanasas.

The sweetest lady you'll ever meet and the most awesome display of food you've ever seen! (Love her so much we used her at our own wedding and was NOT disappointed!)

Their cheesy potatos NEVER get old no matter how many weekends in a row we eat them! :)

Their menu is always diverse and always very elegant as well as TASTY!

7. The Cake:

Let's face it- the cake is typically the center piece for reception so if you want something that really catches your eye- hit up these awesome bakers!

Of course! They always deliver (literally) just about anything a bride could want, and it always looks and tastes AMAZINGLY!

Her cakes are always so easy to photograph and taste just as good as it looks!

8. The Videographer

As a photographer, the perfect videographer is SO important to a wedding. We have shot with a few "nameless" videographers who have TOTALLY ruined special moments because they didn't know what they were doing. Most brides tend to "budget cut" when it comes to a video of the wedding- so our list is pretty short, but we know these people deliver!

Ryan Taylor is very professional and just all around a cool guy who's super easy to work with!

We've only gotten to work with her once, but her sweet attitude and amazing portfolio speaks for themselves.

9. The Pampering

When it comes to a wedding day, one of the most important things on a girl's mind is their hair and their make up. Here are few, top of the line beauty specialists in our area that are sure to make you more gorgeous than you already are!

Her make up skills are out of this world and can make anyone look model-worthy!

Eden Meadows and Courtney Poole are magicians when it comes to wedding hair!

The owners are so nice and can do just about anything you want to your nails!

The atmosphere and ambience of this salon will make for fun memories for a bride and her girls!

10. The Photographer

Your photographer for your wedding day is one of the most important selections you can ever make! After all, when it is all over, one of the only things you'll have left are your photos!

As for who we recommend....we'll let you figure that one out! ;)

We hope this little list helps a few brides who are having to make VERY important decisions during the stressful time of wedding planning. We stand behind all of these vendors 100% because we have seen what they do behind the scenes- after all, team work makes the dream work!

Happy Wednesday!

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