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Alexandria | Jordon

Seriously, this couple is the sweetest you'll ever meet. I drove to Hattieville to meet these Alexandria and Jordon at Jordon's Grandparents gorgeous farm. It's so nice shooting somewhere new, fresh and that's personal to the clients!

Unfortunatly, there was a pretty scary chance of rain for the shoot and no one was excited about that. We went ahead and decided go on with the shoot! I texted Alexandria as I was leaving Russellville in a downpour and asked her thoughts to either reschedule or go ahead and fight the rain! I certinly don't mind getting wet (as long as my equipment stays nice and dry), so off I went! It rained for about 15 more minutes and it cleared off! If didnt rain a single drop of rain until the end of their session around the campfire... which I thought was super romantic. Everyone loves a good 'kiss me in the rain' picture, right? This gorgeous couple is getting married in August and we are ready to celebrate with them! CONGRATS A+J!

(WOW at this ring, right?! He did good!)

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