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Engagement Season {What to Wear}

One of the most frequently asked questions from our brides is 'What should we wear?!" and the awnser is always the same. It never changes! Here's what Kathryn and I think: You'll be reminiscing over these photos for the rest of your life so, no pressure, but you've got to look good! You're kids will see these one day and say, "...uhh mom? What were you wearing?' and you can blame it on us. We dont mind! The most important thing during your engagement shoot is to be yourself! The whole purpose of the shoot is to capture exactly who you are and show your personalities. If you pick an outfit that just isn’t ‘you’, you’ll feel uncomfortable, and trust us, it’ll show in the photos. So, you be you. Think about your body type as well; you know what suits you and what doesn’t, so don’t just pick something you thought looked great in a magazine. If you’re worrying about what your arms look like in that strapless dress, it’s going to be harder to capture those beautiful moments of a couple in love.

Dress for the season, especially if your engagement shoot is outdoors. Wearing thin summer clothes in the winter is only going to make you cold and miserable, and you don’t want goose bumps ruining your engagement photos. Similarly, wearing heavy winter clothes in the height of summer is a surefire recipe for sweatiness, and I’m sure sweat stains and melting make-up isn’t the look you’re going for!

You’ll want to coordinate with each other, rather than looking like Mr. and Mrs. Identical. If she's wearing a plaid, dont be afraid to pattern block with a polka-dot. If he is wearing a black v-neck, black jeans with holes in the knees and combat boots, throw some color into your outfit and have some flirty fun!

Same goes for how dress you decide to be! If youre in a cute high waisted box-pleated skirt with some cute heels and hes in cargo shorts and a graphic tee, thats probably not what you're going to want to remember forever!

Use your location. Depending on whether your shoot is outdoors or indoors, think about what looks will best set off the backdrop of your photos. If your setting is a grand hall in a stately home, a dress and a suit will look great, but the same outfits won’t translate as well to a woodland grove. This is what Kathryn and I think... but above all else, BE YOURSELF. You are perfect being you and when you're comfortable in your outfits of choice, it's really going to show in your pictures!

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