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Hanna | Kurtis {Arkansas Wedding}

Where can I even begin with Kurtis and Hanna?! These two are just perfect! We met Hanna and Kurtis at their engagement session and I had known Kurt since High School. This couple have a huge heart for eachother and it's so evident just in the way the look at eachother! They had a purple and green wedding in Kurt's back yard... and it was GORGEOUS. We shot a little bit of their engagement session in this same backyard and we never dreamed it could be turned into something so breathtaking! They could really make this a wedding venue if they wanted to!!!

There were a ton of details that really made this wedding unique and personal but theres nothing like ture love to make your wedding day all that it can be! Put all the decorations and stress aside, and if all your left with is love, thats all you'll ever need! Kathryn and I know that Hanna and Kurt have an incredible future ahead of them and we are excited to whatch it unfold! We were honored to have worked with them up to their big day!

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