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Mary | Jordan {Sassafras Springs Vineyard - Springdale, AR}

There are all kinds of love... but never the same love twice. Mary and Jordan share a special kind of love... that kind you can see in their eyes, hear it in their laugh and in how they care for eachother. This is what made their wedding day so incredible - their love.

We never meet a stranger, but when we met Mary we were INSTANTLY friends! Honestly, within the first few minutes after shaking hands, we were kicking it like we grew up togehter! Planning this wedding with her has been nothing short of one of the most hands-on experinces I've ever had! I mean... I CUT HER HAIR at her bridal session! (I really meant it when I said 'hands-on'!) It really is so cool to see brides put total faith and trust in Kathryn and I with more than just their pictures!

On Mary's wedding day, I got a call from one of her bridesmaids asking if Kathryn and I could come just a couple minutes early! We didn't mind so Kathryn and I hopped into the car, drove to Springdale to this gorge vineyard wedding property. We arrive and Mary was not 100% pleased with the way the boquets for herself and the bridesmaids turned out, so I re-designed all of them! Yep! You read that right! I took apart all 8 of them and totally vamped them up! Not going to lie - it was a little bit stressful and crazy intense but you do what you have to do, right?! (Like I said, hands-on!) Huge thanks to Kathryn for helping me with that! Gosh, I really dont know what I would do without Kat! So, the flowers were fixed, and Mary promised me a new car and her first-born for taking those flowers from drab to fab so quickly! (Still waiting on those, by the way Fancy!) FINALLY, it was time to start pictures! Her bridal party was a dream and everything went so smoothly! We had such an amazing time with Mary and Jordan! We would totally re-do their day every single weekend becasue it was THAT flawless... and those two are photogenic times one million! Mary and Jordan, we are so happy for you guys and we are still honored to have worked with you on your wedding day! We know that you two are going to go far and we are anxious to watch your love grow bigger and stronger! ...and kind of anxious to see how gorgeous your babies are! (especially since I get the first born!) Congrats to the newlyweds!

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