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Angela | Kris {Lakepoint Conference Center - Wedding Day}

Angela and Kris had the most gorgeous wedding day. Perfect weather. Perfect bridal party. Perfect guests. Just so much perfect. However, what was originally going to be a wedding in May ended up being pushed up and planned within ONE WEEK. Thats right, they planned this in one week.

They are apparently superheros. Kathryn and I were on the road to Destin, Flordia and would be gone a whole week. We notified our clients and told them to please contact us in case of an emergency! Right as we passed the Lousianna border, Angela called and I immediately dectected the frantic tone in her voice. She egan to explain how Kris' new job would be having training during the week of their May wedding and have decided to push the date up to the weekend we would be retuning from Flordia! Giving her our promise of being at her wedding was so worth it when I heard her sigh of relif over the phone. This was nothing short of a whilrwind for time, im sure, but their day was flawless and you would have never know it came together in one weeks time. Her dress didn't need alterations, everybody was avaliable for their day and there were so many other perfect little things that really make a wedding day special. So instead of saying "Oh no! You've lost all this planning time!" they were saying "We are just adding a few extra months to our wedding, thats all!" Angela and Kris, no doubtly, have the most incredibly bright future ahead of them and Kathryn and I are anxiously waiting to see where God takes them! You can't be as sweet as these two and not go far! Congratualtions again, Angela and Kris! We are soooo happy for you and soooo happy we got to spend the day with you guys!

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