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HALEY + BRIDALS { Winthrop Rockefeller Institute + Petit Jean - Morrilton, AR}

There are certain people who come into your life where you know without a doubt you'll always be friends and they'll always be around. For us, this was Haley. We went to school together and made memories that I can't even begin to fit into this blog. I won't even try. Thanks to last weeks TimeHop, a picture of Haley and I dancing together at Prom circa 2008 had us both honestly embarrassed at ourselves. When we were in school, one thing that never crossed my mind was, "Oh. I'm so going to shoot her and Jon's wedding one day." Actually, if you know our story, photography wasn't even in my plans at all! It just happened. Kind of like the friendship we share with dear Haley. It just happened. It happened perfectly! Haley is a freaking model. Like, quit nursing asap and send a portfolio to some agencies. She is so comfortable in front of a camera and that really... like really... makes my job so easy. Plus she's just naturally beautiful, so that's a plus too. We met up for her bridal session on Petit Jean and it couldn't have been more perfect... well, except for one small thing: I had Haley posed up on this rock. It was a gorgeous spot nestled in a beautiful butterfly garden complete with a creek and everything else nature could ever offer. She was totally working it when I thought I should get a picture of the back of Haley's dress. She was posing with this perfect delicate lean that, I was certain, would showcase the intricate details of the back of her gown. The buttons. The bling. The lace. So, I make my way around her, stepped down from the rock she is on and my worst nightmare came to life in that instant. Literally my life flashed before my eyes brighter than ever. All I saw was a huge orange snake coiled up right under where Haley was standing. The worst part about this is that I screamed like a 3 year old girl and took off running leaving haley wondering what in the world is happening.


I think by me yelling that, she got the point. I didn't turn back to see if she was okay. Yes. I feel awful about it. Kinda. Where is Jon when you really need him, Haley?

Somehow I ended up across the creek, with Haley, her mom and her bestie for the restie Evan on the other side of the creek. I had already decided that we would be finishing the shoot with me one one side and them on the other because there was no way I was crossing that creek again. Hashtag didn't even get wet. We had one of those laughs where there's no noise, just loud violent gasps for air every 15 seconds. We literally could have died. Haley. Girl. I don't even know what to say to you! Kathryn, Laura and I are SO proud of you and extremely blessed to call you a friend... and now a forever #shingleurbride. You handled your day with such grace and pure intentions and the love you share with Jon is the truest testimony of God's favor and divine appointment. I was so honored to work right beside you during the single most important year of your life and I am 100% confident that you and Jon will do huge things that will totally change the world. Like I said in the very first sentence of this blog - there are certain people who come into your life where you know without a doubt that you'll always be friends. That's you. And Im so glad about it.You have all of our support and we are so encouraged how you two have become the realest fighters and the most sincere lovers we have yet to photograph. Something about seeing such wonderful friends get married makes me remember why my job is so important, so thank you for that.

Now, get a tissue and dry it up, buttercup. Get yourself together. ENOUGH OF THE JIBBER-JABBER! MORE OF THESE GORGEOUS BRIDALS! Hey, Haley + Jon - CONGRATS!

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