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BRITNEY + MCCOY {Arkansas Engagement}

There's one thing I love the most. Love. I just love love. There's something to be said about a couple who can just stand in front of a camera, stare into each others eyes and the love connection start blazing though the camera lens. That's what I love. Britney + McCoy have this kind of love. It's the kind that is tangible and so real. This is what really makes my job easy.

At Britney + McCoy's photoshoot, it was our first time to meet. We met at Bayberry Farms (the perfect spring location ever). We had talked though email millions of times and, believe it or not, you really feel like you already know the person upon meeting them. These two have such incredible personalities and they mesh so well together. It's similar to, like, pizza and cheese. The actual perfect match.

One of the most exciting things EVER is showing up to an engagement session where the bride and groom brought their fur babies! I instantly fall in love every. single. time. I just can't with a big fluffy dog, a small fuzzy pooch or anything in-between. Call me crazy. Call me weird. I love it. Always will.

P.S. Britney - I still have your dog's harnesses in my car! Text me, girl! Okay, enough of the chit-chat! Let's get to these gorgeous images! CONGRATS B+M!

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