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Lakyn Phillips {SENIOR}

How can I even start writing this. Do I take the serious and more expected route or do I even begin to try to share the vibe of what was actually happening during this whole senior shoot... It was close to pure chaos, in a good way of course. That typically makes the best pictures, duh. So, we met Lakyn in the spring of 2015 when she modeled for our Cusp of Spring styled shoot. From there, this enormous friendship was built, and that's the way it should be. We were so honored to have shot her college senior pictures. This girl has been in front of MANY photographers (she's a professional model, you know...) and for her to choose us, it really was a huge compliment. The timing of her session proposed a little bit of a problem. High sun. No clouds. No shade. So what do we do? Make the best of it, of course. We played up some MAJOR harsh shadows and I secretly fell in love with shooting mid-day. By the time we made it to our second location, the sun had settled down and we got some really gorgeous images.

We had two portions to Lakyn's session. I'm posting the second portion today and will get to the first half very soon! One of Lakyn's requests was 'water'. My response was 'Ok, yes times one million. I know of a gorgeous creek, but girl, it's going to be COLD.' Sure enough. It was FREEZING. Like, numbing. I'm not much of a 'creek' kind of guy and I quickly remembered why when we were crossing the creek to get to the spot I wanted to shoot. They're slimy. They're slippery. There's always something brushing against your foot, Lord knows what. More importantly, I had all my equipment satcheled around me and was frantically trying not to fall in. Lakyn and I were laughing so incredibly hard and that made crossing the creek even harder. You know that kind of laugh where your knees just want to buckle and your whole body turns to dead weight? That's what we were experiencing mid-creek. It defiantly was the ideal time for such chaos. We made it to the other side with wet pants (from the creek water, not from laughing so hard, HA!...) and that's when the magic happened.

College seniors are always up in the air about documenting this exciting time in their lives. I think the answer is obvious. College senior pictures are a total must. Even if it's just a few quick poses and some quick professional head shots for your resume, it really is important to have something to look back on to remember such great accomplishments! Plus, it's literally so much fun! There's something different about shooting a high school senior vs. a college senior and I'm totally digging it! We are SOOOOO extremely proud of friend Lakyn and can't wait to see where life takes her after college! She is already super successful and we feel such honor to have her as a friend and personal model whenever we need her... right, Lakyn!? Congrats girlie!!! Stay fab!

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