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5 Reasons Every Bride Should Do A Bridal Shoot

Hopefully, just by looking at the Shingleur Brides that we've posted (and are in love with) over the years, we have convinced you that you NEED to do a bridal shoot! "So, what even is a Bridal Shoot? Like, why?" ...Say hello to one of the most frequently asked questions. I'll tell you what it is: One of the most well known Southern wedding traditions! That's what! Scheduling a time for you to get all gussied up, slip into your dress and meet up with some one-on-one time with us before your big day will really set your mind at ease. Without the bridal session, you're paying all this money for your dress that you'll wear only one time and chances are, on the wedding day , there might not be enough time to get pictures of just you in your dress. That's something to think about, right there! Okay. So lets get to it. 1. Sneak Peek.

When planning a wedding, you work with literally one hundred different puzzle pieces and have to wait until the day of the wedding to see how they perfectly fit together. The same is true with your wedding day style. You have the dress, the shoes, the accessories, the hair and the make up but why wait until the day of the wedding to see how they all come together? Scheduling a bridal portrait shoot with us gives you the opportunity to see exactly how you’ll look and allows you the opportunity to make desired changes prior to the big day. Okay, so maybe that greenery halo for your hair isn't as fab and flattering as you thought it would be. At least you didn't have to make that decision on the day of your wedding! Test your make-up, test out your jewlery, test your hair style... it's all important!

2. Get Comfortable.

A bridal portrait shoot is a win-win situation for both you and us! We learn which poses work best for you and what techniques to use to get the best quality pictures on the wedding day. You get a relaxed and stress-free setting to explore how to become comfortable in front of the camera and how to interact with us. Instead of working together for the first time on the wedding day (besides your engagement shoot), we will already have experience and can maximize the available time to get the best pictures possible without adding unnecessary stress to a wildly emotional day. Plus, everyone needs practice maneuvering around in a wedding dress and new heels, right?!

3. Location, Location, Location.

There is no rule that says your bridal portrait needs to be at the same venue as your wedding. It doesn’t even have to fit within the same theme. You’ll get hundreds of pictures at your wedding venue on the wedding day so why not take the opportunity to explore a different location, style or season? You’ve invested a lot in your dress and should have pictures that showcase it and you in various locations. Be creative. Let's go to the woods or a wide open feild. Let's hit up the city and shoot in the streets and on top of parking garages at the River Market. Like, the options are endless. Or, in this case, a cotton field!

4. Be Creative.

The days of sitting in front of a colored backdrop and posing with your hand strategically under your chin are over. "Tilt your head slightley to the left, now bend forward. Ok, now straighten your back and drop your right shoulder." NOPE. You'll never hear us saying that! Bridal portrait shoots are meant for exploring your creative side. Don’t limit yourself to just posing with your dress and a bouquet of flowers. Incorporate props such as furniture, unique backdrops, large accessory jewlery pieces or even animals. (Floral collars for your fur babies are the cutest thing ever...) Ask us or your wedding planner to help you style a shoot that reflects your personality and interests.

5. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.

The tradition of displaying a bridal portrait at the wedding reception is still prevalent in weddings today and if you opt to display one, a bridal portrait shoot is necessary in order to do so. Even if you don’t want something that grand, a bridal portrait shoot gives you tangible pictures to have and hold on the wedding day. Why not give a framed picture of you in your gown to your parents or grandparents on the day of the wedding as a thank you? It’s a gift and moment they’ll remember long after the wedding day. We typically go out of our way to make sure we have at least one picture of our brides alone in their dress on the wedding day but theres never enough time for all the details that a bridal shoot involves.

So, to answer the "So, what even is a Bridal Shoot? Like, why?"... THIS IS WHY! It's a time for you to work with your wedding day style and try several looks. It's a time for you to get comforatble in your dress and with us. It's an opportunity for you to have a different landscape than what your wedding venue is and a chance for you to be super creative! A picture really is worth a thousand words and when your wedding is all said and done, the only thing that will remain is your pictures.

It's so worth it. Happy Wednesday!


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