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Hannah | Cotton Field Bride {Star City, Arkansas}

We have been waiting for this day! These cotton field bridals are going to blow your socks off and we are SO. EXCITED. to finally share them with you! We drove to Star City, Arkansas to meet up with Hannah for her Bridal Session. Her family are fourth generation cotton farmers and their feilds are GORGEOUS. Kathryn and I have never seen a cotton feild and it literally took our breath away. It was a snowy white feild of perfection. This was also our frist time to be on a real dirt road. Where we are from, gravel roads are what we condier 'dirt' roads. However, down South there really are DIRT roads... It was one of those dusty, make you sneeze, make your eyes itch and make your teeth feel gritty kind of dirt road. Once the dust setteled, we got another gorgeous glimpse of the cotton feild that was surrounding us and we were anxious to begin the shoot! Being extra careful with Hannahs dress, we put a drop cloth down in the middle of the feild and basically carried Hannah though the feild as got her all positined perfectly on the dropcloth. From there, everything fell into place as usual and thats when the magic started happening.

Photography just does something for me that nothing else can do. There's two sides to every picture and one of them no body ever sees. It's internal. When I'm peering though my camera and see something like the picture below my whole world stops and by heart starts beating ninety-to-nothing. When I am shouting "drop your left shoulder and put all your weight onto your left leg" or "stand with your ankles crossed because it will give you really great lines" the energy between the Bride and my camera is exhilarating and wild and that's when my mental vision becomes a physical representation. Something happens between my camera and my heart. Above anything else, bridal sessions have always been our favorite to photograph. We will never loose our passion to deliver the absolute best and to always photograph from our heart. When your heart is in it, it shows. I waill stop rambling now and let these gorgeous images do the story telling...

Dress: Low's Bridal Florals: ZIMMERMAN P.S. This is just HALF of Hannah's shoot. I will be posting the bridals we took at her home soon!

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