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Kathryn {The Brains Behind It All}

Today's blog is a little different than most! I wanted to take some time for you to meet my wife, Kathryn! She is the brains behind this whole business and keeps us all in check! Kat teaches 5th grade Literacy and Social Studies... so here's to hoping there are no grammatical errors in this post. (Proofreading 200 times before I post...) She has a HUGE heart for all of her students and absolutely loves poruing into their lives daily. She loves to journal, read (all the time) and her (our) new favorite: Netflix and chill. She has an enormous passion for photogrpahy and is my second shooter at weddings. She goes to as many photoshoots during the week as possible, too! Her eye for detail is something I've always coveted, but don't tell her that! She is my biggest supporter and fan. She's the only one that I share my dreams with for Shingleur Photography and she's always on board 100%. A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.

Yesterday, as corney as it may seem, Kathryn and I were eating dinner at Old Post BBQ (Please go stuff your face and tell them we sent you!) and I whipped out my phone, hit record and started interviewing Kat for this post! Here's what came of it: Kathryn's main focus for Shingleur Photography is to make sure we stay current. She like's to make sure we are on trend, stylish and that our marketing is always reaching new people. One way to get a small business on it's feet running is to have big marketing skills! We reach so many different age groups and demographics, it's unreal! I asked Kat what her mental process is when we are out shooting a wedding together. I already knew the answer, but I wanted to hear it from the horses mouth... Not that she's a horse. (I may or may not have to delete that little line later...HA!) She said, "When I shoot weddings the main thing I think about is making sure I'm getting a different shot and angle than you. The purpose of the second shooter is to go behind the scenes and get shots that the main photog isn't able to get, or that the main photog didn't see. So that is my main focus. Also, it is to make sure the most important moments are captured."

Me: What are your dreams for our business? Kathryn: I want to have more weddings than we could possibly need. I want to shoot weddings every single weekend and have to turn people away becasue we are so booked. I want to be full-time with you and take over e-mailing, shceduling, account keeping and more. I want us to reach people all over the state, all over the US and shoot more destination weddings in other countries. That's my MAIN future goals. I'd say she knows what she wants... she always has! Kat and I are very very blessed to be able to work together. People tell us all the time that they could never work with their spouse day-to-day! I can't imagine NOT. We are excited that 2015 is coming to an end as 2016 has BIG plans and we are excited to share all of that with you in due time! Kat and I think its extremely important for us to get in front of the camera sometimes. We NEVER want to forget how it feels to be the one having to pose and feel awkward while your picture is being taken. We often get in the feild beside our house and do a quick little shoot. We were walking out the door for a business trip to Little Rock on Saturday and I asked kat if she wanted to get out in the feild real quick before we left. Spontaneous is always best, right? This quick little shoot sparked the idea for this post.

So, meet Kathryn. The brains behind it all!

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