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Serendipity {County Fair Fashion Photoshoot}

Yesterday afternoon, I recieved a frantic message on Facebook needing a photographer. The photographer that was hired for the shoot had fallen and hurt her ankle *OUCH!* and Tomisa Robinson, owner of Serendipity, came to us hoping she could get us to come out and shoot!

It's a VERY rare occasion that you can just contact us and we are available. Yesterday was one of those rare occasions, and we were so happy about it... and Tomisa was too! We decided to meet at the Fair, park close to the bathrooms and prayed no one stole the model's outfits while we were out shooting! Nothing was stolen and our faith in humanity ahs been restored! HA!

Honestly, these 5 girls were SO much fun to work with. I think we did more laughing than actual shooting, and we are totally cool with that! These girls totally rocked it and if they arent persuing a modeling career, I don't know what they are waiting on! Go shop Serendipity in Downtown Russellville and tell them we sent you! Thy have the latest Fall Trends, the hottest styles and can totally hook you up with some super cute outfits! They can style you to perfection and make heads turn!

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