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|| ANGELINA + CODY || ARKANSAS WEDDING Garvan Woodland Gardens + Arlington Hotel

Okay. First things first. Get a load of how gorgeous this whole day was. Honestly, everything was so beyond perfection it was more of a day in a fairytale vs. just another wedding weekend. Angelina + Cody totally pulled out all the stops and holy cow was it breathtaking or what?! Brace. Yo-sef. Angelina emailed us in May of 2016 wanting to book us for her special day. We immediately hit it off and we knew we would have so much fun with her and Cody on their gorgeous wedding day at Garvan Woodland Gardens. The Garden Chapel has never looked so elegant and timeless. Along with the gorgeous venue, everything was complimented with the most gorgeous of flowers in pinks, mauves, cremes and lavender all accented by the most stunning navy blue dresses and tux's you've ever seen. Like, CLASSY times one million. CA-LASSY, y'all. One bridesmaid was wearing Leopard shoes which is obviously a neutral and goes with everything, right? We won't say which one tho, **cough cough, RUTH**. ;) Their reception was at The Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs and we are confident that The Arlington Ballroom has never bee so adorned. Angelina's florals and event designer, Kelly Efird, didi the most ahhhhhhmazing job. WOWZA KELLY WOWZA. I pausing this blog for an important announcement: YALL STOP EVERYTHING. ANGELINA AND CODY JUST HAD FLOWERS DELIVERED TO OUR STUDIO. WHAAAAT. These two are so amazing!!!!! UGH!!!!!! These two are too perfect! Gosh, let me try to focus now.

So many amazing and fun moments were going on all. day. long. and we feel so successful in capturing every single one. I wish we could share ALL of her images, but it would take a lifetime! We are so completely honored to have spent this day with Angelina and Cody and are so ready to share it with you!!! CONGRATS A+C!!!!!

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