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MANDY + MATT {Alaska Wedding | The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch}

Back in early January I received an email from sweet bride Mandy saying, "We just booked our destination wedding at The Barn at Twin Oaks in October. I've done some really extensive research on Arkansas Photographers and you seem like the best of the best, extremely friendly and the overall total package! We are traveling from Alaska and will have our family and friends meet to celebrate from literally all over the United States. Since we and our guests are not from Arkansas, we will be planning this wedding from over 3,000 miles away!"

I was screaming when I read this email. No, like, literally screaming. Okay. Let's be honest. Im a little bummed that we didn't get to actually shoot this wedding IN Alaska, but it being at The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch (TBATO) is the next best thing! The Barn Staff transformed their venue into the most beautiful Alaskan wedding you ever did see... and of course, the details were beyond anything you could have dreamed up. (Duh! Its The Barn at Twin Oaks, for crying out loud.)

Mandy + Matt's color pallet of soft pink and peach tones was put together so nicely to accent the bucolic vibe of TBATO! You will see this wedding come to life below through Alaskan animal skins, fox tails, food being served onto 'plates' that were actually Alaskan gold rush mining pans and SO so so many more details that would take all day to list! Just wait until you see how amazing Matt's boutonnière was! HOLY.

TBATO really knows how to make an Alaskan couple feel at home! Mandy + Matt have an incredibly bright future ahead of them as a couple and we were so honored to document the beginning of something so incredible. These two have an undeniable love for each other and their families and they're loved so very much - it was evident on their wedding day! I feel so blessed to be able to work with brides and grooms from all over the country on a regular basis... but I feel even MORE blessed to be able to call these amazing couples our friends! *Que warm fuzzy feelings* OKAY! ENOUGH CHIT-CHAT! Here are a few favorites from Many + Matt's perfect little Alaskan weddings, planted right in the heart of Arkansas!!! CONGRATS MANDY + MATT!

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