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ALEXANDRIA {Arkansas Bride + Subiaco Academy}

When planning a wedding, you work with a hundred... a thousand... different puzzle pieces and have to wait until the day of the wedding to see how they perfectly fit together. It's KILLER to have to wait. The same is true with your wedding day style. You have the dress, the shoes, the accessories, the hair the make up and the bouquet of flowers but why wait until the day of the wedding to see how they all come together? Scheduling a bridal portrait shoot with your photographer gives you the opportunity to see exactly how you’ll look and allows you the opportunity to make desired changes prior to the big day. When you're a #shingleurbride your bridal session becomes a time for you to experiment! Flower crown? Maybe so! Chunky layered jewlery? Let's try it! For some brides, simple is best and with Alexandria, she totally rocked the 'less is more' look. Alex picked her GORGEOUS gown at Danielle's Bridal in Clarksville, AR and it literally could not be more perfect. BLUSH PINK?! Why, yes. Yes, we will. Now, don't get us wrong. We constantly die over classic white/ivory gowns. They will always be timeless. However, throw a bride into something a little bit non-traditional and pair it with the other simple and traditional things - a pearl necklace, for instance - and you have a look that's a total show stopper. Alexandria's gown was so subtle pink that it took a close eye to really notice, but it photographed so beautifully and she toooootally rocked this look. Apart from Alex's perfect sense of style, she has the most incredible personality and she is sooooo super sweet! Alexandria's lace bodice against the most beautiful and flawless blush tulle skirt made for the perfect combination that screamed, "I'M THE BRIDE!" and we were so honored to work with her and Jordon during this exciting time in their lives! Show Alexandria some love!!!!

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