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Aaryn + Rowdy

Aaryn + Rowdy are the perfect couple. They share the same interest. They share the same passions. They share the same love. They have everything they need for the rest of their lives to be absolute wedded bliss! I met Aaryn several months before I met Rowdy. You can read the blog about Aaryn's Bridal Session for all that crazy fun info! As for Rowdy, I met him at their engagement session. One of the first things Rowdy said to me was, "You can hop in the back up my pickup and we will drive out to where we will be shooting!" So, I hopped in the back and off we went! We may have gotten a little wet and a little dirty, but that's what it's all about! The rest is history! For their wedding at The Barn at Chalybeate Springs, we had a small suspicion that it would be all things "southern sophistication" but they really went over the top with sunflowers, baby's breath, and galvanized buckets! To top it all off, nothing is more southern than a gorgeous gown with layers and layers of southern lace. Aaryn's dress quickly became the focal point of the whole entire day! CONGRATS A+R!

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