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KATIE + DUSTIN {Wedding Day - Vendor, Arkansas}

We have been dying to share this wedding with you. It was one of 'those' weddings... one of 'those' where all the tiny little moments keep adding up and by the end of the day we are left with nothin but remarkable and breathtaking images of those special little instances that are gone within the blink of an eye. That's the number one reason we love wedding photography - to capture that 'blink of an eye' and have it saved forever! We first met Katie and Dustin (together) at their engagement session. I have known dear Katie since 2008-2009ish! We sang on the Arkansas All-State Youth Choir tour together and have been friends every since! She's hilarious. Dustin's hilarious. Clearly a perfect match. Documenting their wedding journey has been nothing short of exciting and completely perfect - just like these two. From their engagement session, Katie's bridal session and all the wedding day bliss we have become even closer with this amazing couple and we are so excited to have a front row seat to watch the rest of their lives unfold! We know God has something huge up his sleeve for the future of Katie + Dustin and we count it an honor to photograph the beginning of something so great! So, here's to the newlyweds. Here's to a loooooong life of happiness, complete wedded bliss and may you never really get out of the 'honeymoon phase' of marriage! We love you guys and your day was sheer perfection, as we knew it would be!!!! CONGRATS K+D!

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