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Ali + Lee {Arkansas Engagement}

There's this thing called 'love' that we just can't get enough of. Ali and Lee are SO in love and that's exactly why they had such a fab engagement photoshoot! I can tell stories after stories about how we had to rescheduled with Ali and Lee due to rain and a few other crazy crazy circumstances, but that's all besides the point. The point IS - they're in love and that's all that matters. There's usually something in every photoshoot that really sticks out in my mind when I leave. The majority of the time it's that 'oh my word this is so gorgeous - this is definitely going to be the sneak peek' moment. For Ali and Lee it was a little bit different. Actually, it was a WHOLE lot different. At the end of this session, on Ali's parents farm, we headed over to the pond where there was a narrow point of land that stretched out into the water. It was wide enough for two people to walk out on and about as long as two school busses, bumper to nose, and it really was the most perfect photo op. So, of course, they walked out while I stayed behind and took pictures. We did some cute stuff (you'll see below) then I had them walk to me holding hands and being all cute. Magic was happening! THEN. The magic came to an abrupt stop. Ali looked down to take her next step and laid eyes on MASSIVE snake. They took two steps back and pure panic set in. The snake was stretched out from one side of the land to the other, so the only option was to go OVER it. Honestly, so glad it was them and not me! HA! They didn't know what to do! Ali was in heels and was not about to try to run for it. So, I suggested that Lee pick her up, baby doll style, and just make a mad dash over the top of the snake! Yes. I took pictures. They're hilarious. Then, once they got closer to the bank, they started being all cute again laughing, carrying on and it really made for the sweetest pictures ever. Im a total sucker for a true and real laughing picture! There's a few below! Lee is obviously Ali's hero. These two are planning the most beautiful wedding and we are so honored to be documenting this exciting time for them! Show them some love! CONGRATS A+L!

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