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Katie | Bridals - Vendor, AR

Katie and her, now husband, Dustin were married this past weekend on Katie's family farm right smack dab in the middle of, well, nowhere - and it couldn't have been more perfect. I'm talking about details for days and even more details on top of that! Did i mention the details were out of this world?Katie and Dustin have been an absolute joy to work with and we can't wait to share their wedding with you! When Kathryn and I found out we were pregnant, we sent out an email to all of our April, May and June brides letting them know of the actions we had taken to make sure their wedding will be, without a doubt, photographed. Our pregnancy raised a lot of concerns with us and our brides like 'will Kat go into Labor while I'm shooting a wedding thats 4 hours away?' or 'What happens if Kathryn goes into labor while Lance is shooting my wedding?! Will he leave? Will my wedding still be photographed?' and 'We hope our brides are understanding and share in the excitement with us' or 'we will just have to roll with the punches and take it one day, one weekend, one wedding at a time'. We would never leave our clients 'stranded', so to speak, on their wedding day! We had every single little tiny detail worked out and plans into motion! About 95% of our brides were totally understanding and were absolutely chill. However, that other 5% was so skeptical and stressed that baby Shingleur would come on their wedding day - Katie was in this 5%, bless her heart!!! On top of all that, the week that Kathryn went into Preterm Labor (Kat was 33 weeks and we were rushed to UAMS via ambulance) was the week that we had Katie's bridals scheduled. With us spending a week at UAMS, I just couldn't bear to leave Kat's side so we had to cancel Katie's bridal sesh and we are so thankful that she is so understanding and willing to work with us despite how stressful it was for her. We totally get it though, we really do! So, we rescheduled and I drove to Vendor, AR to meet up at Katie's families farm to shoot her bridals and the magic started happening! Katie tooootally slayed her session! We stared out around the family barn, and from there I knew that the rest of her bridal session would be complete bliss. And that it was. Take a minute to swoon over these gorgeous images of our gorgeous bride. The buttery lit images, the clean crisp images, the gorgeous lace-y details of her dress... so much perfection. CONGRATS K+D!

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