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HALEY + JON { Arkansas Wedding | Carter Farms - Benton, AR }

We knew that when we booked with Haley and Jon that their wedding would be totally out of control. They didn't disappoint, and that's a good thing. The WHOLE day was filled to the rim with those sweet little moments that are tear jerkers, the moments that make you laugh until you cry and most of all, the moments that just take your breath away. This wedding day was everything. Haley and Jon really do have the most adorable love story. It's a story of many battles but also one of endless victories. They fight for each other. They care, believe and treasure each other. This kind of love they share is undreamt of and you have to experience it for yourself to know that it's real. It's not based on emotions, but it's truly felt from the heart. It's the way the look at each other and that cute little smirk Haley gives to Jon. It's all those tiny little winks, the butterfly kisses and the way he always wants to hold her hand. Haley and Jon are the real deal. We have had such an incredible time working with Haley and Jon during this exciting time in their lives. It really is an honor to work side-by-side our #shingleurbrides week to week capturing their day in a stylistic and journalistic way ultimately producing images they will want to keep and love forever. Haley and Jon have such an incredible future ahead of them and they are chasing their dreams as fast as they can and we are happy to have a front row seat! CONGRATS H+J!

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