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Shelby + Lance {Arkansas Engagement}

There are those people in life that you 'know' but dont really 'know'. Like, those people who you grow up in the same town, know of eachother but never really cross paths... Does that make sense? Well, Shelby and Lance have always been those people to us. We 'knew' them from social media (and Shelby's sweet mom was Kathryn's elementary teacher - I bet she never thought Kat would be shooting her daughters wedding one day) but we had never actually met! We aren't stalker-ish at all, I swear. Well, we finally met up with these two and hit it off instantly! Like, where have you two been our whole lives!? Shelby emailed us back in August 2015 to tell us she adores our pictures, that 'every wedding is flawless' and she would love to work with us towards her big day! I responded with, "We were secretly hoping to hear from you guys! We saw where you got engaged and you two are literally the cutest ever! ;) Really though, you guys are PERFECT and will tooooootally rock some photos, Kat and I already know!" From there, it was history! Lance and Shelby. Shelby and Lance. Either way, it's the most adorable combination of flirt, love and total swoon. These two just can't get any better... until they said they brought their dog to their engagement session. We are total suckers for a puppy child. You'll see why. We have some gorgeous stuff up our sleeve for Shelby's bridal session and their wedding day is going to be, without a doubt, absolute perfection. They have that kind of love that just oozes... the kind where you instantly know how much they care for eachother. Only Lance knows how to make Shelby laugh the hardest and it's the cutest thing. Love like this makes any wedding journey perfect and we are beyond honored to share it with them to document something so powerful. These two beautiful souls are so in love and we can't wait to witness them becoming one. CONGRATS S+L!

Okay, so these next few pictures have us totally smitten. Their fur baby, an in-home library (Shelby totally channeled her inner Disney Princess Belle with this one), games on the couch, some super intimate looks to top it all off. Literally can't get any better.

COngrats you two little love birds! Happy Wednesday!

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