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What We See Mainly Depends On What We Are Looking For {Hello From The Other Side}

Adele said it best when she said "Hello from the other side." Hello from the side of success, willingness and change. Hello from the other side. Hello from the side where you look back to see who you used to be and realize then that you'll never go back. Hello from the greener side. Hello from the sunny side. Hello from the living loud side. Hello from the OTHER side. Change brings something other than the norm. Change brings something other. Change brings something. Something great. You have to see it. Believe it. Run for it.

Well, as you can tell, this definately won't be my typical blog post. This will have nothing to do with photography and nothing to do with our business. I can take one blog post to be real, can't I? Sure. Why not. I typically do not share my heart on this blog becasue it reaches thousands and thousands of our followers who read weekly and to share one's heart isn't always a safe way to keep followers, but I've just got to! Its a risk. This is for someone though. I read a quote this morning that has really messed my mind up. I like it when this happens. "What we see mainly depends on what we look for." Those ten words just hit me like a ton of bricks this morning. It adjusted my perspecitive in literally a millisecond. What am I aiming for? What are my goals? Where do I want to be this time next year? Am I settling for just 'good enough'? What am I doing to make a change in our world? Am i complacent? I think we can all apply these questions to our jobs, families and life in general. 2015 held a LOT of change for Kathryn and I. It was all good change. It was a change that we needed and it has pushed us. 2016 is carrying even more big changes that we can already see benifits from. It's already brought us farther than we thought we would be. Lets be real. Change is scary. It's uncomfortable. It sometimes brings a very eerie cloud and makes you feel like you arent getting enough full deep breaths. It can suck the life right out of you. It's at this place where a miracle happens. When you feel vunerable and set off the tracks, that's a set up for something big to happen. We've all learned this the hard way time and time again. Every single change (good or bad) has a silver lining, but most of them you wont even be able to see unless you really look closely and focus your attention on finding them. Be positively present in change. "What we see mainly depends on what we look for."

To specifically call out one of our changes for 2016... becoming a Mom and Dad. Well, we are mom and dad to dog Holeigh and cat Penelope... but, really? Come on. We are so overwhelmed with excitement and can't wait to raise Quinn to be a mighty man of God and to be a total world changer. We know without a doubt that God has huge plans for him. We know without a doubt that he will have innumerable talents. We know without a doubt that he will be a lover of people and a lover of His presence. Quinn will be a forgiver. Quinn will have the heart of the Kingdom. He will be a God chaser. We know without a doubt that God will show Himself faithful to Quinn as He has Kathryn and I. This is change. This is us watching our lives, as we know it, change before our eyes. I'm not going to say it's not scary. It is. But our perspective is set on things higher than us. It's set on things greater than what we are capable of doing alone. We rely on our Helper. We are looking for more positive and far greater things. "What we see mainly depends on what we are looking for." I'm not sorry for getting all spritual on you.

Wait. Nope.

Defiantely not sorry.

So if what we see mainly depends on what we are looking for, where do we find the courage to look for the things we can't currently see? You just have to do it. Make up your mind. You have to say it outloud and believe it. You. Just. Have. To. Do. It. Close your eyes and see it. Change is good when you believe for the best and believe the best will come of it. I'm seeing success and growth. I'm seeing profitability and opportunities. There are new desires and more venues to make my dreams come true. That's what im seeing. That's what I'm looking for. I'm watching for Heaven to open over me, my wife, my son and my business. I'm believing for it. I'm seeing it. "What we see mainly depends on what we look for."

Youre standing at the gate. Run though it. Run to the other side. Run to your destiny.

Hello. Hello from the other side. Hello from the sunny side. Happy Tuesday.

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