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Alex + Josh {St. Louis Engagement}

One of our favorite things to ask couples is how they met. It's usually a pretty funny story and this one is literally the cutest yet! We went up to St. Louis to meet with Alex and Josh for their engagement session. We didn't want the usual cliché 'pictures under the St. Louis Arch' so we opted for the more scenic side of St. Louis!

Alex is a cosmotologist. One day Josh came strolling in to get 'guy-lights' and found himself in Alex's chair! (I remember guy-lights... I had a really bad case of it, thanks to the Backstreet Boys and N'sync. Ugh.) They talked, chatted and instant hit it off! May or may not have been love at frist sight... And just like that, the rest is history! It's always so cute to see how paths cross in so many different ways! We've never heard the same story twice! We meet these two and their sweet baby boy at Forest Park where we shot around for about 30-45 minutes. Let me add that it was SO cold. I'm talking like 19 degrees with a wind chill of -1! (All you St. Louis poeple just have to understand that we dont experience that kind of chill in Arkansas!) Alex said it best when she said 'it makes up want to rip your skin off'! It was that painful kind of cold that cuts deep! From Forest Park we drove to 'The Loop' where we did some super cute street shooting and found the most adorable rooftop lounge! We are so happy for Alex and Josh and we cant wait for their spring wedding in St. Louis at a gorgeous vineyard. Get ready to your jaw to hit the floor. this place is gorgeous. Unfortunatly, you have to wait until Spring 2017! For now, show these two some love! Congrats A+J! **Disclaimer: When we were in St. Louis, we did some shopping and ate at our favorite restruants that arent in Arkansas... I can't tell you how many times someone commented on mine and Kathryn accent! Like?! Why is there an accent differance literally 6 hours away... So. Weird. I was trying on some boots and the retailer said, "Where are you guys from?"... I looked at Kathryn and said, "Arkansas?" He replied with, "Sounded like it." Ummm, WHAT?!**


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