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Arkansas Bride - Kiowa {Belle Heleen Bess House | Russellville, AR}

Monday's after wedding weekends are always my favorite. There is something exhilarating about meeting a bride before her wedding day to see her in her dress for the first time. It's exhilarating when we are walking away from her bridal session knowing that I have some BEYOND GORGEOUS images in my hand but having to wait until after the wedding day to share them! It is literally the hardest thing to not share! Monday's are my favorite becasue I FINALLY get to share! We met Kiowa at The Belle Heleen Bess House here in Russellville for her bridal session. The weather was perfect and so was she. She picked up her dress from alterations that afternoon in Little Rock, got stuck in interstate traffic and probably had a little freak-out moment in her car. (If this ever happens to you, we suggest throwing on some Adele or TSwift and just bump it. We will totaly have you covered.) Luckily, we always schedule shoots just a little bit earlier than the 'photographer norm' for reasons just like this... Especially Bridals!!! When she arrived, she slipped into her gorgeous gown and the rest is history! Kiowa married her lover boy, Tyler, on Saturday and it was the sweetest wedding you ever did see. We are excited to share their wedding day with you, but for now lets get in a total swoon coma over her gorgeous bridal session! CONGRATS K+T!


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