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Wedding Place Settings | How To Keep It Simple

When it comes to guest tables, having a nice place setting, to us, is a 'wedding must have'. There are so many ways to customize a place setting to fit the vibe of your wedding and it will definitetly add an extra touch of class that your guests will be talking about! I went out in our back yard this morning (our neighbors may have thought I was crazy but who really cares at this point...) to set a table to show you brides how easy this can really be! I used only house hold items that we already had, natural greenery from our property and other random house decor to demonstrate how keeping it simple is always best! This whole set up was 100% FREE (besides the fruit) and this is a great way to upscale your wedding but also saving on your budget!

In the picture above, I took garden shears and trimed the greenery off one of our bushes and made a wreath out of it by simply wrapping the branch around itself. Literally. So. Simple. I threaded the napkin though it and placed the chocolate/pecan dipped pear on it and called it done! There's literally nothing to this but it looks so inviting and warm! Now. Disclaimer. I have worked in design for close to 8 years now, so yes, this does come a little easier to me than it would others! Color harmony, textures and pattern, and over all design are all just second nature at this point. But, really this isnt hard y'all. This is all totally doable!

It's all in the details! Bombard Pinterest if you have to, but adding Rosemary to anything is always a big YES. The new 'messy and loose garden' trend is sweeping Arkansas floral industry and it only calls for greenery. Thats it! Greenery everywhere. Hanging, laying, designed in a container... however you prefer your greenery, it's a must have this season!

Notice the ongoing theme of monochromatic colors. There is such thing as having too much, but when you choose things that are all shades of the same color (monochromatic) it all flows well, it's cohesive and overall more pleasing to the eye. For this, we went with dark blues, charcoal gray accents of gold and yellow and plenty of clean crisp white. White is timeless. It goes with everything. It's never going out. Now you wonder where the red grapes, red pears and the red beverage comes in... Notice those blue rasberries and all the different shades of color within the blueberries. Look closely! RED! It's all cohesive and right in front of your eyes! Nature does a really good job of coordinating FOR you, so it makes your job even that much more simple!

They're hanging from tents, from poles, across arbors and even doorways! We are seeing so much natural greens playing such a huge role in wedding and party decor and we arent even mad about it. Remember: Every single bit of the greenery you see here is from our property! FREE. We stretched wire between the poles (which I already had made from my 25th Birthday party last Fall) and attached the greenery to the wire. Simple. Easy. Perfect. Don't try to manipulate the greenery! Let it have character and speak for itself! If there one crazy branch poking out randomly, LEAVE IT! It's fine! Pretend you're not OCD and just live with it! It's a gorgeous way to allow that natural 'untouched' look to your decor!

SO, with all this being said, we want to see what you come up with for your wedding guest tables! OR, even just your sweetheart table (if you dont wnat to do all the guest tables). We love sharing tips and ideas with you to help make your wedding day dreamy and everything you want it to be!



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