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Wedding Trends | 2016

It's going to be a great year for weddings! We've got the most exciting new ideas that are super trendy for 2016! It's so crazy how wedding trends evolve from year to year. We can look back and totally see a whirlwind of tulle, bling, burlap and more bling. Ok, so to set the tone for this post, start jamming to Taylor Swift's 'Style' and you will totally get the vibe. Turn. Up.

First things first: The look.

In recent years, brides have rushed to recreate their version of a royal wedding or something straight off a Pinterest board, but as we greet 2016, it's clear that brides are much more interested in going down the aisle in their own way.

Bright on. Metallics are surprisingly versitile and we do not forsee them going anywhere soon. No matter the venue or theme, designers across the country (and us, of course. *hair flip*)say rose gold will show up on everything from rings to table linens. Even the food and drink get in on the trend, with shiny blush icings on desserts and rose-hued cocktails. One metallic that is on the way, however, is silver.

Just Dreamy. The key to setting a romantic mood? Ambience. Throw some simple up lighting and hang some bare 'Edison' bulbs and your photographers will love you forever. Big chunky chandilers are going to stay all the rave forever. They're timeless.

Be seated. Couples are moving away from a reception layout based on large round tables, which has a tendency to feel too much like a conference event, and are instead opting for either very long, rectangular tables or a mix of long tables surrounded by smaller square and round tables — all for a more intimate vibe. And lounge areas, complete with comfortable seating options, remain a crucial part of the cocktail and after-party hours. (Lounge areas are a must!)

Barns will remain a stong venue trend. This relaxed, yet uppity atsmosphere allows every bride to put their own spin on the, now timeless, 'rustic chic' trend. Color of the Year: Of course the Pantone Color of the year always has a strong say-so in whats happening in wedding trend. We love the gorgeous picks (YES, TWO! EEK!) for 2016! Rose Quartz and Serenity are the perfect combo, but be careful that it doesnt go too 'baby reveal party'! 2. The Flowers The right mix between style and simplicity will be the cornerstone for floral design in 2016.

Tone-on-tone explosion. A concentrated cluster of one color lends a graphic impact to centerpieces. Ask your florist to choose three to five different flowers in the same shade — the slight color variations create an ombré effect. For an uber-romantic feel, stick to the opposite ends of the color spectrum — either pale or deeply saturated. To set the table for fun, add a few unexpected things... for instance, deer shed! Yes, please!

Flowers not necessary. Potted trees, succulents, ferns, lavender sprigs and decorative leaves (such as magnolia, begonia...) are no longer reserved for anchoring flower arrangements — these days they can become the focal point of the décor. Flowering plants and blooming branches (think flowering quince, crab apple or cherry blossom) also work well as creative centerpieces. And a budget-friendly elegant idea is to adorn bare branches with crepe-paper flowers or sparkly jewels.

Look, don't eat! Everyone’s a foodie these days, so it’s no surprise that savvy couples are asking florists to include elements like coffee beans and fragrant herbs (say, mint or basil) into centerpieces and garlands. Petite seasonal fruits and vegetables are another way to layer on color. Another way to really spice up the look it to mix patterns! Stripes on damask... GORGEOUS.

Playing with a monochromatic color pallett can really be pleasing to the eye, too!

3. Photography

Action shots. Couples are requesting shots like doors slowly opening for a bride to walk down the aisle, a mom or dad wiping their tears or an aerial shot of the dance floor. Brides will be looking for a story to tell though their images!

Ready to share. Chances are you already have your wedding hashtag, now consider setting up a selfie station at your reception. And make sure your guests know when to snap pictures (and when not to) during the day of and how to post.

Traditions be gone. Many brides and grooms not only want to see each other before the wedding, they also want to capture those private, connected moments in their photos. We are always being asked to include these special pre-wedding moments on the shot list, and we totally love it!

Photos for days. Couples are booking photographers for more than just the big day itself, hiring pros to capture the entire wedding weekend — sometimes even an entire week — with family and friends, to ensure the full-on experience is forever on film. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE! Be watching on Dec. 26th for our BIG Winter Wedding Sale!

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