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Haley | Jon {Arkansas Engagement}

Honestly, I dont even now how to start this blog. There's so many things I could say about Haley and Jon that could really grab your attention and make you want to finish reading this... I think I'll start with the obvious. They're so in love. There's just something about these two that make our heart melt. Haley and Jon haven't necessarily had and easy relationship but I know they wouldn't trade it for anything. With Jon being diagnoased with cancer they have really had to be there for eachother though thick and thin. They are better becasue of it and they'll always be closer than they would be without it. Jon is now TOTALLY cancer free and in full remission! God is good and always faithful to His promises. This whole wedding experience iwth these two is so much more than them getting married. It's a fresh start on life for Jon and Haley. It's a time for them to really take life by the horns and live in total and complete love for one another. It's a moment for them to take a sigh of relief that they made it to the other side hand in hand. I believe it really is their incredible and deep love that pushed them thought to where they are. This obviously isnt the end of their story... This is just the beginning of something great and we all get to sit back and enjoy the show. Their future together is so extremely bright and we are thankful to be a small part of the beginning of it all. We knew that Haley and Jon would basically be models in front of the camera. They're the kind of people who are always perfect in their Instagram pictures... the kind that just make you sick! Haley's Bridal Session is coming up and we alreayd know she is going to kill it. We are so blessed to be working with this sweet couple and we are already so pumped for their wedding day! CONGRATS H+J!

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