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Morgan | Tyler {Arkansas Engagement - The Old Mill and Downtown Little Rock}

From the minute we saw that Tyler popped the question to Morgan, Kathryn and I wanted to shoot their wedding photography from the get-go! We were so excited to get an email from Morgan just a few days after she said 'YES' and the rest is history!

We met up with Morgan and Tyler over a cup of coffee at Starbucks to talk about all things wedding and to discuss some pretty incredible wedding plans. Y'all, their wedding is going to be GORGEOUS. One of the hardest things about engagement pictures is deciding where to shoot! Locations are always important! They finally decided to meet us at The Old Mill in Little Rock. The Old Mill is absolutely perfect year round and it always delivers perfect backgrounds for any kind of pictures! Morgan brought along the cutest props and we tried our best to aviod the, literally, hunderds of people that decided to shoot at The Old Mill that day! (You forget how many people were there until you have to individually edit each one out of the picture! WHEW.) We left The Old Mill and headed for Downtown Little Rock for a more modern, industrial look! We love a good city scape, and Morgan and Tyler totally nailed the outfits! I dont know if we have ever met more photogenic people than these two! They just 'get it' and it comes so naturally for them which really makes our job easy. We can pose the worst of models to make them look stunning, but it's a breath of fresh air when photographers dont have to work so hard! We love what we do, no matter the client! It will always be our job to make anyone and everyone look 100%! We are SO happy for Morgan and Tyler! Their wedding is going to creep up on us and be here before we know it! We are already anticipating Morgan's Bridal Session... we have something up our sleeve that is going to be breathtaking! The weather just has to cooperate, right Morgan?! ENJOY!

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