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Wedding Photography {Specialists}

We love wedding photogrpahy. We love the laughs, the tears and the special moments that you'll probably only rememeber happened when you see your pictures for the first time. We love the little details and the big moments that make every single wedding different and unique.

We have a very specific process we like to work though as we work towards a wedding day. I want to take just a few minutes of your time to show you that process! About one or two weeks out from your wedding date, Kathryn and I will sit down and plan a customized 'shoot schdeule' for your day. This is to keep us focused and on track, not forgetting anything! We send the schedule to our bride for her to give us the 'LOOKS GREAT'. The schedule includes everything from our arrival time, first look time, detail shots times, bridal party, family formals, ceremony, reception and even the time we leave! It can be pretty detailed, but it has proven time and time again to work smoothly. We encourage our brides to share it with her family, bridal party and anyone else that she feels should know picture times! We are super super flexible when it comes to this schedule too. I would say that 8 out of 10 bridal parties are never ready on time and we are totally used to it. It doesn't phase us. At all. We get it. We play pretty low-key all day long. We've seen photographers that are huge distractions, demand attention and overall give a very unprofessional vibe to the guests and the day itself. Im glad to say that we are opposite of that. You can probably find Kathryn and I in the back of a church (or barn...) getting everything we need for your ceremony. Just becasue we feel it is respectful to stay out of the guests view doesnt mean that we can't get those artsy shots that you've always dreamed of!

Our whole goal for a wedding day is to help make it run extremely smooth, take care of problems without the bride even knowing about them and to make sure we get the job done in a creative and modern way. We are wedding specalits and book weddings over and before anything else. We are extrememly excited for this next wedding season! As we finish out this wedding year in December, we are excited to start plannign all our 2016 weddings with our fabulous brides! We have lots of new and fresh things we will be puillin out of our creative hat for 2016 and we are EXTREMELY anxious! If you'd like to book your wedding with Shingleur Photography, please shoot me an email at and we will talk numbers and get you booked! HAPPY TUESDAY!

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