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Mariel | Morgan {Arkansas Wedding, Lake Point Conference Center}

We have been dying to get this wedding on the blog! There's just something that makes us warm and fuzzy inside when all the little tiny details in a wedding are done to perfection! This is a DIY wedding that totally looked and felt professionally done. Mariel started growing her own succulents to use in tablescapes and in her bridal party bouquets and boutineers! HOW COOL IS THAT! Honestly, who even thinks to do that!? There were huge pots overflowing with forgeous succulents! Kathryn and I may have planted a few succulents of our own, hoping for this 'spilling over' look for out back patio! We loved this so much! There were candlesticks, books, vintage nick-nacks, gorgeous candles and so much more. This wedding was done right! We have had such a wonderful time getting to meet Mariel and Morgan. They're one of those couples that are so friendly it almost makes you sick! They're never in a bad mood, they go with the flow and they're totally chill people! We have enjoied working with them so much! Honestly sad that it's over! We know these two will have so much fun being married and their future together is going to be one to keep an eye on! They're destined for big things! Congrats M+M!

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