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Behind the Camera {During a Photoshoot}

There's one question that keep hitting my inbox. Almost daily. When hiring a photographer, we think it's good to ask questions. We actually like it when people care enough to ask specific things about Kathryn and I concerning our work and our artistic interpretation!

The Question: "What about posing?! Do we need to come to the shoot with poses in mind?!"

The Answer: NOPE. Kathryn and I spend a lot of time perfecting posing. We are very 'fashion focused' photogrpahers and have a very keen eye for what looks good behind the camera. We like a very styled pose, but like to keep it natural and relaxed. We do all the posing during all photoshoots. We fix your fly-away hairs, reapply lipgloss, make sure your shirt is still tucked, keep your feet positioned perfectly and so much more. We even teach couples how to kiss in pictures... which is TOTALLY different than a good ole smack on the lips! We are very detail oriented when it comes to posing, and we think that sets us apart!

"Put your arm around his neck and touch foreheads..." "Drop your shoulder and look to your left..." "Cross your feet at the ankles and throw your hand onto your hip..." Of course, if you see something super cute on pinterest, we arent afraid to recreate it... but we will probably give it some kind of tweak so we are the annyony 'pinterest copy-cats'. We like to keep a good smooth flow from pose to pose depending on the locatoin and the couple and overall we are there to have fun. In the first 5 minutes of a photoshoot, some poses just feel odd and unnatural. Just trust us though becasue by the end of the shoot, you'll totally be rocking everything. You'll leave feeling like a total model! Happy Tuesday!

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