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Susan | Josh {Arkansas Engagement - Brayberry Farms}

It's almost wedding week for Susan and Josh and we couldn't be more excited! We spent some time with Susan and her mom last night to shoot Susan's Bridal Portraits andI'm not lying when I say that she is literally SO GORGEOUS in her wedding dress... Like, there is "oh my gosh you're so pretty!" and then theres "OH. MY. GOSH. YOU'RE SO PRETTY!". Kathryn and I definately had that 'all caps' moment when we saw Susan in her dress. Let's just say her accessories are like WHOA. You will for sure want to keep watch for her bridals becasue she absolutely killed them. So! Enough about last night, and more about their engagement pictures! We had a chance to talk to Susan about her Engagement Session experience with us last night and she had nothing but wonderful things to say! It makes our heart so warm and fuzzy! She said that a lot of her girlfriends were like 'GIRL! Where did you learn to pose like that!?", and Susan told them 'uhhhh, Lance and Kathryn did it ALL!" (I will go ahead and say that Susan and Josh are like little models and it really wasnt hard at all to make them look gorgeous. It was so natural for them!) But we literally do all the posing in engagement sessions (and every other session) to help you look your best. We are super detail oriented and arent afraid to say 'ok, just drop that shoulder' or 'let me fix your hair' or 'here is how I want your legs to look and you arms need to do this'. Susan told us that everyone has been so impressed with her images and it was really great hearing such awesome news! Like I said, Susan and Josh were perfect during their session, and little Roxy too! Roxy got to come to Susan's Bridal sesh last night and she's such a little diva! Here are a few favorites from Susan and Josh's engagement session! They are soooooo sweet together and it's so fun capturing LOVE! This next week is probably going to be a little hectic for them with all their wedding plans finally coming to life so what better way to kick of wedding week than blowing up the internet with all this gorgeousness!? Happy Friday!

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