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Jancy {Orange Beach Bridals}

IT WAS A SECRET! ...and I cant keep secrets very well, but I did! We were so excited when we were asked to go to Orange Beach to shoot Jancy and Ryan's wedding! We met Jancy's mom at Starbucks one evening to fill out our wedding contract and to work out all the travel details! Jancy had no idea. We have known Jancy for several several years and we even shot her sisters wedding but she had no idea that we would be surprising her on the beach! During the Starbucks meeting with Jancy's mom, I threw out the idea of doing a sunrise bridal session on the beach and Mrs. Sheila was all in! She said she would drag Jancy out of bed and get her in that wedding dress if she had to! We decided to meet at 8:30 (Wish really isnt 'sunrise'... who wants to mett at 5:30?! NOT ME!) We were sitting on a bench right beside the pier when Jancy walked up and saw us! She was so excited and we were too! We had to keep the trip a secret until Jancy found out! We immediately started shooting! Jancy had two dresses. One that she owuld wear to the beach wedding the next day and one she would 'trash' in the ocean... every photographers dream come true. Really. A few flowers to hold, a quick dress change on the beach, add a few fresh flowers in the hair and this shoot was everything perfection plus more! Jancy is such a little model! We really could have just shot this all day! Sandy toes, wedding dresses, a gorgeous bride and a sunrise. What more can a person ask for?!

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