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Cheyenne | Behnum {Arkansas Wedding}

Get ready for the most gorgeous wedding reception you've ever seen! ...and not to mention how jawdropping this couple is! Cheyenne and Behnum are such a sweet couple and we were so honored to have worked their wedding with them! We've never met a couple so considerate, giving and who has such a love for people! Their wedding as styled in a vintage glamour with pops of turquoise and coral... it was very traditional but it still had it's original touches that made it personal! The walls and ceilings were draped with a goreous taupe material that really gave a romantic feel to the reception. I can't imagine th ehours of work that took... you'll see below how difficult this had to have been! It was SO worthi it though! One of my favoite details of their wedding was a huge ceiling tile completely made of floral with an enormous gold and crystal chandeilier hanging right in the middle! I'm still dreaming about it! It really was the perfect focal point for their reception! This couple has such an incredible future in front of them and all the friends and family in the world backing them and pushing them to greater things. We are excited to see God's plan unfold in their lives and honored to have been a very small part of where it all started! Congrats Cheyenne and Behnum! We are SOOOOO happy for you two!

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